Charters and FunctionsCharters and Functions

Our many years of experience, has allowed us to be quite diverse in our cruise options. These can be tailored to to suit birthdays, family gatherings, business promotions, conferences, private cruises or work functions.

Our flexibility includes:

  • Duration and time of cruises
  • Number of guests (from 20 to a large combined charter using all the vessels of up to 600)
  • Choice of 3 vessels
  • Your choice of caterer (please ask us for a list of caterers with experience on the boats)cork...
  • Your selection of band, soloist, DJ, juke box etc
  • Freedom to decorate (please discuss)
  • Table layouts (Some safety issues need to be considered)
  • Various destinations
  • Any other aspect that you feel may make your cruise special and memorable.

P.B Mundoo Bar

P.B MundooThe Paddle Vessel Mundoo was built in 1987 at Goolwa, South Australia, by Jock Veenstra and his family owned company. She was initially powered by an 1892 Garrett & Sons steam engine and boiler which had been restored to mint condition. This boiler was the original steam engine from the P.S. Pyap.

In 1999, Captain Alby Pointon and his wife Freda purchased the PV Mundoo from the Veenstra's at Goolwa, to add to their paddleboat business at Mildura.

On the 5th December 1999, the PV Mundoo departed from Goolwa and undertook the epic 888 kilometre cruise up the Murray River to Mildura, cruising at an average speed of 8km/h. The P.V. Mundoo arrived in Mildura on the 16th of December 1999.

Immediately on arrival at Mildura, the PV Mundoo was introduced to regular cruises, fulfilling the demand of charter groups, weddings and larger dining cruises.

The original boiler and engine combination installed in the large PV Mundoo was unable to provide the necessary power on a fast flowing river. The decision was then made to remove this plant and install a diesel engine and hydraulic motors to drive her. This has proven to be a huge success and allows the Mundoo to operate safely in all weather and River conditions.

The PV Mundoo is of steel hull construction, 34.9 metres long, with modern conveniences, kitchen and dining facilities to cater for up to 180 passengers, in one comfortable area featuring attractive quality timber ceilings and bar facilities.