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New features in Shoozla 2.0, designed by fans, for fans. It's new, better and faster than ever!It's always been a dream to be able to control the information on your mp3s directly from the source. Shoozla 2.0 was built by users for users and just like you, it's been the biggest challenge yet!With Shoozla 2.0, we have added the ability to search for album covers on and, the result being an incredibly fast, intuitive and customisable experience.If you can't find an album cover or want to change the metadata of your files, Shoozla 2.0 has you covered. With a few quick clicks of a mouse, it's easy to fix mislabelled tracks, change the artist, tracknum, artistalbumid, lyrics and more.Shoozla 2.0 is more like a familiar friend, helping you understand your music better and getting to know you as a person.Shoozla 2.0 is now connected and helps you:◆ Listen to tracks on and directly on your device,◆ Search for album covers on and, all with the ease of a click,◆ Update and with an album cover for every track,◆ Filter your tracks by album covers,◆ Change the artist, album, genre and year, and more.Shoozla is like the missing puzzle piece to build the ultimate music experience.Features:◆ Discover the best music on and with a click,◆ Search for album covers on and◆ Search for albums in Shoozla to discover the best artists on◆ Control the information on your tracks in a searchable interface with more than 80 advanced fields◆ Join the community of Shoozla and access a global feed of album covers◆ Use our powerful search and album cover upload tools◆ Automatically update the and information on your tracks◆ Add Shoozla as a startup app so you can easily access it◆ Change your Sh 08929e5ed8

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