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Welcome to Mildura Paddle Steamers!

Updated: May 19, 2019

Welcome to our new look website! It has been a great experience creating it and hopefully those returning visitors will find it much easier to use than our previous site! Part of these changes include this beautiful blog feature, which I am very excited to add. We will keep you up to date with special cruises, things happening on board our boats, behind the scenes stories, and anything relevant to our life in the Paddle Steamer community!

I will start with a brief introduction. My name is Ashton and Mildura Paddle Steamers was created by my Grandparents, Alby and Freda Pointon, in 1955. They are no longer with us, but the family business has been passed down to my Mum Lyn, and my Uncles, Chris and Robert. It is such an inspiring feeling being a part (third generation) of my Grandparents Legacy in the Mildura Paddle Steamers, and I hope I can exude that passion out to readers.

Stay tuned!

Alby (Pa), Ashton & Freda (Ma). June 2011

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